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Hey there! I'm a filmmaker and freelance editor who's drawn to the experimental side of things. My education at Portland State University informs my work, which was well-balanced with practicum and nuanced theory and history. 

 I co-directed and edited Anathema (2023), which toured over 30 cities in the U.S. and Canada in 2023's Hump! Film Fest. It's still currently available to stream, and my crew and I couldn't be more excited to share this campy, queer, sci-fi short with the world. We are very honored to be one of 22 films chosen out of 280! I've also had the pleasure of working on Butt Quack (2023) with a group of friends, and being awarded 'Best Film' in Movie Madness's Direct to Video 48 Hour Film Festival. (Be sure to check out Movie Madness in Portland, OR, the largest video rental store still thriving!). 

I'm currently wrapping post production on my first feature length film, Hishkenstien: After Dark (2024), a comedy horror featuring a sleazy filmmaker who's risen from the dead! You can find Gare Scare's first film in this grindhouse saga, Bad People Doing Bad Things (2021), streaming on Troma.  


Since graduating in June 2021, I've edited some intriguing projects: a short experimental by author/filmmaker Jacques Boyreau, a video podcast series by Audacious Alexa on The Sassy Show (ongoing), a video essay with a lightning quick turnaround for Portland State Film, a concept trailer for an experimental documentary with professor/filmmaker Ben Mendelsohn (ongoing), etc. I also had the pleasure of screening my found footage short film Up Close Two Hours Away (2021) at the McMinnville Short Film Festival. It was a lovely experience and I highly recommend this hidden Oregon gem!

In 2022 I assisted with outreach and research for filmmaker Melissa Gregory Rue, whose documentary Live out Loud is on a successful festival run around the globe. Its world premiere at Dances with Films was pure magic at the historic Chinese Theatre in L.A. This wonderful project follows three people experiencing homelessness as they create their own films, focusing on empowerment and working through childhood trauma.

Currently I'm probably staring at my computer, listening to the film podcast I Saw What You Did, or doing a silly YouTube workout. 


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